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Farm Quiet Book, Handmade Gifts For Children

Farm Quiet Book, Handmade Gifts For Children

1. Farm Quiet Book, Handmade Gifts For Children

Farm quiet book, discover the bustling life of a farm with "The Little Farmer". Through the adventures of little farmer, the farm owner, your child can engage with lively farm animals and a lush garden, while learning about the important duties that keep a farm running. This interactive book imparts invaluable lessons, including:

Understanding the cycle of sowing, watering, and harvesting
Learning that growth requires time, patience, and perseverance
Realizing that consistency yields fruitful results
Each double page spread offers a different engaging activity:

Pages 1 + 2: Meet the farm's joyful inhabitants—a cow, horse, sheep, and pig, all comfortably housed in their shed. Children can feed the animals with fresh grass, creating an immersive experience of life in a verdant field.

farm quiet book page 1
farm quiet book page 2

Pages 3 + 4: Tend to a vegetable garden flourishing with carrots, potatoes, onions, cabbages, and pumpkins, and orchards bearing detachable apples and pears. A handy tractor is ready to transport the day's harvest.



farm quiet book page 4

Pages 5 + 6: A mother hen shelters two hidden eggs under her wing, revealing a delightful surprise—two playful chicks! The lifecycle of a chicken is beautifully demonstrated here. A charming family of ducks, with a mother duck and five little ducklings, splash about in a pond, making for an entertaining story-time with the song 'Five Little Ducks.'

page 5 farm quiet book
page 6 farm quiet book

Every aspect of "The Little Farmer" is designed to expand children's vocabulary, foster a love for storytelling, and develop spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. As parents devoted to education and creativity, we design our books with love and optimism for the future. Seeing children's joy when they interact with our creations is our greatest reward.

Materials: Premium, hypoallergenic felt cloth, and high-quality pure cotton
Size and Pages: Approximately 8 x 8 x 2 inches (20 x 20 x 5 cm), 6 activity pages (not including front and back covers)


How to care quiet book?

Care Instructions:
Use a lint roller to remove dust and small debris
Wipe stains with cotton swabs or sponge
Hand-washable with soft detergent and cold water
Avoid wringing; blot washed book with a towel
Dry in a vertical position, away from direct heat
Do not iron directly. Steam at a distance of 2 inches

All parts are carefully and securely sewn with minimal use of glue. Each book is thoroughly inspected for quality assurance. As with all children's products, parental supervision is required. Please do not let your child play with the book unattended.



3. Why are quiet books so expensive?
Quiet book can seem expensive for a number of reasons, primarily stemming from the process, materials, and labor involved in making them. Here are a few factors contributing to their cost:

Handcrafted: Many quiet books are meticulously handcrafted, often involving detailed sewing and assembly work. This labor-intensive process can make the final product more costly compared to mass-produced items.

Quality Materials: Quiet books are typically made with high-quality, durable materials like felt, fabric, and sometimes buttons or zippers. These materials are often more expensive than standard paper or cardboard used in regular children's books.

Time Consuming: The process of designing and creating a quiet book can be time-consuming. Designing each page to be both engaging and educational requires thoughtful planning and execution. Assembling each element also takes considerable time, especially if hand-sewn.

Interactive and Educational: Quiet books are not just books; they're interactive learning tools. They promote fine motor skills, problem-solving, and creativity, providing value beyond that of a typical book.

Long-lasting: Quiet books are designed to be durable and long-lasting, intended to be used repeatedly over a long period of time. They are often seen as an investment in a high-quality toy that can provide years of entertainment and learning.

It's also worth noting that some artisans or businesses may offer quiet books at lower costs or run promotions, so it's worth looking around if cost is a concern.

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