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About us

Little Cloudy

Little Cloudy, a UK-based startup established in 2022, engaging and educational alternatives to screen devices and mobile phones. Our mission is to captivate children's interest with our uniquely beautiful, bespoke quiet books. We are passionate about crafting these books, personalizing each one to cater to a child's individual interests. We firmly believe that these books can significantly contribute to a child's cognitive development, enhance their fine motor skills, and offer so much more!

Our Story

We discovered the enchanting world of Quiet Books and were instantly captivated! Seeing the excitement and engagement of our child and other young family members with the books, we realized that this could offer benefits to other parents and children as well. We hold the belief that time spent with loved ones is invaluable. That's why we've developed a range of distinctive, handcrafted activity books and toys aimed at educating and entertaining children while fostering family bonding. Our products are crafted from only the finest, certified materials that are soft to the touch and safe for children.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Our products are carefully making to encourage imagination and creativity, and to celebrate individuality that are completely safe for children to use. 

All our Premium Quiet Books are certified to the European standard EN71 for product safety.


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